Alright to start this out im new to ski s and and doing all.posts from a phone so might be a little sloppy lol but i bought 2 / 2000 yamaha 1200 xl limited got them for pretty much the price of a junker i have been reviewing forums getting the one to run put wave eater clips d plate and redid all the oil lines making so it didn't blow up! Innitally i took it all apart to rebuild the carbs which was a success ski started after all of that being done. Thanks again for AK the old posts shoffwent through to do it. But to the point i had it on the water and was running very strong and very clean. Went to take off and started slipping not going over 9 mph but revving out. Thinking i had sea weed tired in the intake grate i put it in reverse to blowe it out if that was possible hit the throttle and it took off to 11 let of and throttled again and off to 55mph it went was good for a while then around 10 miles later mid lake it does it again so i did the same proceedure and it didnt work as well played with the trottle/ rpms for about 30 seconds and engone just ahut off went to start and did nothing no click no turn over nothing gauge said start say back while waves are becoming white caps and I'm starting at the sun in the horizon in the middle of the lake decided to posh it again fitted right up threw it in reverse hammered it in anger and then went to forward and she took off like the bullet they are did55 all the way Val to the launch just looked at it today and nothing in the intake grate very little sea weed by the prop so started making a horrible sound sound like in the rear compartment sounds like my boat when the gimbel beating bearing went out and i checked the compression from what sounded like a weird noise when running and back cylinder only has 80psi and fronts have 120 2 days before they all where at 120 so yes there is a problem with that cylinder but any reason that happened or ideas and what could be going on with the pump or shaft out whatever!!! Thanks alot guys