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    Affordable used 4 stroke PWC recommendations?

    Noob here;

    Looking to buy a PWC, I have not been on the market for a PWC for years.

    I currently have a Kawasaki stand up SX 650 that I ride on and off.

    I want to now purchase a 4 stroke 3 seat ski for pulling my grand kids on tubes, and / or wake boarding.

    Uber performance is not important for this ski, it will mostly be used by my wife and grand kids, with me riding it occassionally as well.

    Good performance that will put a smile on the kids and wife's face is important. Easy to ride and stable as well as easy to board is important as well.

    I'd like to keep the budget at $4000 max, preferably less. I like Yamaha's based on what I hear about their reliability. However I am not locked into Yamaha necessarily.

    I may also look into a performance 2 place for myself after I get the family ski. Looking for either four stroke or injected 2 stroke for the performance ski. Budget $3000 max for the 2 seater.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks,

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    You could probably get a Kawasaki stx-12f or stx-15f for that budget. They are fantastic skis, very fun, great reliability, and low cost of ownership.


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    Get a vx110, they are great on fuel and will practically run forever. You must be one kick ass grandma to talk about buying a ski for the kids.

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    What is your location? If you are in Florida or along the Gulf coast your choices are endless.

    A friend of mine has two Hondas available for very cheap. Hondas are rock solid but no longer produced here in the U.S. so are often forgotten about.

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