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    1998 Kawi 1100 STX Fuel Vent Line leaks fuel

    New to the Forum. Bought 2 Kawi 1100 STXs and one of them leaks fuel (when full) out of the tank vent line destroying my paint on the side of the ski. I am confused as to why this only happens on one jet ski. I live in south Louisiana (hot) and both fuel tanks build pressure. Why does only one of them burp out fuel from the vent line? To be clear the vent line comes off the top of the fuel selector tap/siphon tubes. The vent tube runs up to the handle bars. I have recently pulled the line down into the hull to prevent more paint damage.

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    Welcome aboard, Chris!

    I'm not really sure how the venting is supposed to work on that 'Ski (and I own one). I would suspect that maybe the vent hose is hooked to the wrong port on the fuel selector on the tank.

    One thing for certain, you DO NOT want it to vent inside the hull! A spark from the starter relay or starter itself could cause it to blow up!

    Until you get it resolved, you might put an extension hose on it and run it well overboard while you store it.

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    Should be a one way check valve on the vent hose.

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    if the tank is pressurizing, check the line routing from the fuel tank. The vent line sounds like it is below the fuel level, so when it pops off(as it should) it's spitting fuel too. The vent line may be connected to the reserve feed.

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    PLEASE HELP I also have a 1998 Kawasaki STX 1100. Its a gem with just 97 hours on it runs like new, problem is I had to remove 8 year old gas and I pulled 3 hoses off of the tank. Off of the selector valve that changes from reserve to off to on, th eone that points forward I have no idea where it goes!!! It was running great today when I had it on reserve (ran for about 20 min>) then when reserve was out I of course ran out of gas (I thought) with relief I realized I was on reserve so I swithced to ON and I can see fuel is not even making it to the fuel filter. Im hopeful that when I figure out where this third hose goes Ill be golden!!

    Anyone tell me where this other hose goes? Its the single line pointing toward the front of the PWC. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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    mdog, I've answered your question elsewhere. Please do NOT ask the same question in multiple places. That is confusing and rude.

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