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    Electrical/Start problem

    So, recently my '93 VXR pro 700 would not start. No clicking, nothing. I thought at first it was my start button, so I put in another one. Then I thought it could be my starter relay, so I put on another one. NOTHING. So, I switched the old relay back in and it started up. Weird. Then I put the electrical box back together and closed it up and went to start it up and NOTHING. So, I switched it back to the new relay and then back again and still NOTHING. My fuse is good. My connections seem fine. Is it a short in my start button? I am at a loss. It started up an hour ago with my old (stuck open) relay... ???

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    thowing parts at a 20 year old ski isn't going to cut it. The problem sounds like it.s in the electric box. Methodical troubleshooting with a wiring diagram is required...or you are going to end up getting stuck on the water.

    my guess is simply a bad electrical connection

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