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    yamaha 1200 xl limited problems

    Hi everyone im new to this forum. i bought 2 2000 yamaha xl limted skis for 2000 dollars with a trailer. the guy told me that the one ran just needed a battery. i brought them home started on the one one and came to find out i had to rebuild the carbs which was a decent prject for just getting into jet ski repairs it was very useful using this site and the great threads that yopu all have posted about that got the job done. I went ahead and bought wave eater clips and a d plate/ chip and restraped all the oil lines to the pump and each carb. started right up and seemed to run great checked compression all 3 cylinders where at 120 psi. went on the water ran very well topped out at 56 mph and accelerated to what i thought great my buddy a jetski nut said he seemed a little sluggish out of the hole but as soon as it hit plane it felt great. thinking that was just the weight of the tank that made it a little slow to him out of the hole. rode for about a hour no problems everything seemed great. went out sunday and started riding went 5 miles no problem stopped relaxed and went back anouther 5 miles only doing wot for about 1 mile or so at a time. let it sit for about 45 minutes at the dock half shored and tied up on the rear. went to go shoot across the lake again took off fine slowed down to talk and went to take off and it seemed to be like it was plugged up from seaweed like (cavitation) water was very rough and big waves causing alot of sea weeds to be on the top of the water. so me being a boat guy put the ski in reverse gave it a little throttle and seen if anything came out then put it back in forward and took off it went up to 9 mph and just felt like i was in neutral with the throttle just red line held it at about 4 -5 for about 5 seconds and it gained speed to 11mph and then took off like nothing was wrong. rode good for anouther 5-6 miles with stopping and going . did it again about 6 take offs later and i did same thing took off no problem. i stopped at a marine to hang out went to leave as the sun was going down to get across the lake to the launch rode at about 6 mph through 6 ft whitetops to get to the coast where it was smooth went to take off and same thing i held it for about 7 seconds up in the rpms feathering which i shouldnt have but damn thing made me nervous in the middle of a lake as the sun was setting. but the ski just shut completly off i went to restart it got nothing no click no turnover just the gauge saying START so i sat back thinking what am i gonna do and decided to lean forward and hit the start button where i got a click hit again ski fired right up i put in reverse to throttle to see if more is stuck in the intake grate and then went to forward where it slowly took off but not as bad as before where i set on plane and away i went for the 5 mile run ski went up to 50 and ran it at about 40 for the duration of the ride scared to stop once i seen the launch i stopped and it took off like nothing was wrong with it. made it home safe where i took the seat off to listen to everyhting as soon as i started hear kind of a roar coming from the back section and one kind of thunk by the 3rd cylinder only at idle revs up and sounds clean and strong shut it off right away and got compression gauge #1 120psi #2 120psi #3 83 psi thats coming from a matco compression gauge. So where im at is what is that sound in the rear looked at the prop looked ok from what i could see gonna pull the pump and drive shaft out tonight. i been researching on the site for other problems like mine seems to be a few the shaft stripping the pump not sealed doing the seal plug thing. And y do you think the 3rd cylinder went after i took the main precautions on making sure it wouldnt. im also gonna do anouther compression test tonight. this may be a head twister for some people and may be a easy one for others im just not sure about how all this ski operates how does the 2 shafts interact and how to determine if the other is bad. any input would be great and thanks again for all the help i have recieved from reading other threads thanks! `BILLY'

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    Welcome aboard, Billy!

    This is the Kawasaki forum, but we'll try to help. Cylinder #3 has a problem. I would not continue to run it because it won't get better, but you can make it a lot worse. What do the spark plugs look like?

    It could be caused by a number of things: perhaps the oil line fell off when the previous owner had it; the carb could be plugged, causing it to run lean (whitish spark plug); it may have gotten a ring caught in a port (gray spark plug from aluminum debris); the water jacket may have become clogged with debris, causing overheating; stuck piston rings; blown head gasket; etc. Pull the head off that cylinder and take a look.

    Keep in mind that the cylinders on that engine are nikasil coated and they cannot be bored oversize. They can be re-plated.

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