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    To buy 2013 RXP-X -- or wait for 2014?

    Hello all!

    It's time for me to get rid of the '04 RXP that has done me well. Bought it in '08 for 5K with only 12 hours on it with the trailer. Have since gone ~stage II on it, and some great times. Now up to 112 hours, hoping to get between 4-5k for it with the trailer, cover, etc.

    Went to the SeaDoo dealer today and LOVED the RXP-X 260. It's much larger than the RXP, but I think there is some playfulness to be had with the new hull design. I just don't know if it's worth it to see what 2014 holds.

    My dealer offered me $14,187.00 out the door with the trailer. That includes sales tax, prep fees, etc. That also accounts for the 750$ rebate from Seadoo, as well as the 3% interest rate for whatever I will finance. Is this a good deal? Should I wait to see what 2014 holds?

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    Thats high imo. They are in unload mode now. Unless you are looking at as model then maybe. I have been quoted under 13 k for a xt x without trailer though.

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    However I say buy now!

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    PM sent

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    That's a pretty solid deal out the door for everything. If you find it cheaper it would only be by a few hundred bucks at best.

    Chances are extremely high there will be no changes in the 2014 RXP-X

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    Seadoo is in unload mode so call a lot of dealerships and put them against each other and work them down...
    Or Atleast get some added free stuff..

    I've heard of them giving free oil changes, extended warranties, it just depends on how many they have to unload...
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