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    code 25 knock sensor problem

    i have a 2005 r12x it runs good for about 30 min then goes into a limp mode(not reving over 2000rpm's) then i'll have the take the laynard off then start up again run for couple min then do it all over again. compression is good on all cyls, i switched the knock sensor and no go. i borrowed my buddie's f12 com

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    my dad has a 07 f12x turbo with the same prob baught a new sensor now work ended up the boards in the computer break and it throws a code 25 so u need to call rick case Honda in ft lauderdal and get a computer it will run u about $1000

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    did u find
    anything out

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    hey guys i got a new knock sensor from rick case dealer, i installed the new sensor, i let the rtv silicone dried on the threads for 72hours for a full cure. i ran it for like 40 min no problems then it went from 6100rpm/ 63mph to 5500rpm/56mph. it normally looses power b4 it throws the code 25 and sometimes it doesnt throw until i run a lil longer. my sparks plugs are getting fouled alot faster now the motor is running rich i can smell it thru the exhaust and im burning plenty fuel. i didnt run it long enough to throw the code but after 40 min it loss power like it always does b4 it throws the code.

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