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    2009 230 Challenger 510hp- Dual engine failure! Nothing will light up on the dash etc

    Hey guys, trying to troubleshoot a problem here. This weekend, I was cruising along doing 30mph, going through a bit of rough water and a medium size wave hit the side of the boat (like 1000 others did that day) and the alarm sounded. No lights/codes came up on the dash. I lost both tachometers. But boat was still running doing 30mph (speedo was still working) then about 10 seconds later lost all power on both engines. And nothing would flash up on the dash. Stereo was still working fine. But nothing else. Turned the battery switch on/off, pulled the key etc. Nothing! Not even the beeeeep when you plug the key in.

    I'm at a total loss guys. I'm assuming it's something electrical. But losing both the engines is what's confusing me. Any help/info to help me troubleshoot or solve this problem would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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    Could be one of the 3 body modules.. There are interface modules( 1 for each motor) and 1 for the motors to talk to each other. I have replaced a few of them or maybe you lost a fuse on any of these modules

    The interface modules are located in the engine bay and the by the motors and the other is up front in the helm..

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    Ok thanks Tiny. I'll see if I can track them down.

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