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    Dbhoss 2008 RXT 215

    My ski has about 25 hrs and a tooth on the super charger gear broke flew into timing chain and that broke ski quit. To top it off I took it to the Lemon Tree inSpec NY where I bought it and they took off the heads and left it for water to get in to the open cylinders and rust the cylindere wall of #1 and half of #2. Does any one know if these cylinders can be bored and put bigger pistons in it? What else would I need to do?

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    They can be bored. Check a parts fische look up for over size pistons available. I just had to do a sleeve in #2 cylinder, which distorted the #1 and #3. Had to bore all to first over to get them true. Have 4 hours on it now. I know they make at least 2nd over. I do not believe you can get any realistic performance gains by over boring according to others. 2004 rxp.

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    not much with oversized but higher compression pistons will

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