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    This is it, HELP ME or I'm parting her out!

    Well here it is, got a 1996 Polaris Sltx with 138 hours on the display, engine was just rebuilt from top to bottom new gaskets etc. and... here is a list of everything I have replaced so far.
    Terminal board
    CDI- 2 different units including one new
    Like new stator from a running ski replaced all updated parts.
    new ignition coil
    starter relay
    reset switch
    every wire going from the E-box was cut back 1 foot stripped and reconnected with new connectors and 16 gauge automotive stranded wire.
    brand new battery trickle charged over 11.8 volts while starting.
    ground cable from engine to battery was removed, cleaned, contacts were hit with steel wool and replaced.

    So basically everything electrical except the senders, temp switch, and kill switch, start switch.
    I am at a complete and total loss, I cant even ask questions anymore because I dont know what to ask.
    So I will either be parting it out on here and ebay, or if someone lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and wants to come help me out I would pay for some help. I cant believe it has come to this, but this machine has stumped me, I have had less trouble working on BMW's!

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    Link to your last repair/project thread?

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    ya whats wrong with it ?

    maybe u mixed up a wire when doing all those repairs

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    bring it to me,i'd look at it.

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    Does it turn over?

    If not,
    I'd start with the start/stop switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by TxPro1200 View Post
    bring it to me,i'd look at it.
    He will get it figured out.

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    It turns over fine, I have checked the wires 5 times over. Where are you located I can bring it to you this week.

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    I'm in Dallas trying to get '99 SLTX running right too. Maybe we can share some ideas. Email me at [email protected]

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    don't know if ssmi291 got this running or not

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    Hey guys so here is the update. I have spoke to Txpro1200 a couple times and I have been ridiculously busy lately but this is the outcome. I bought the other jet ski about a week ago, its a 97 sl1050. On the SL1050 i replaced the cdi with another original style one so it has all original parts not updated. After putting it back together that ski runs great. So now what is wrong with the SLTX? I still cant figure it out. I am thinking about putting the old parts back on it because I am not having luck with the update kits. The 96 SLTX turns over fine and has insane compression numbers, actually beats up the battery after awhile its so tight. But the 97 sl1050 starts with the push of a button and runs like a champ! So on one hand I am excited that I have one running ski. But I want two!

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