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    Fzs or Fx sho 2013?

    Haven't had a ski since my gp1200 back in 1999. Been looking at either the fx sho or the fzs but its been really rough time figuring out which one is the best for me. I do have a girlfriend an don't want to have something like my old ski which can beat you up sometimes. But I don't want a ski that makes me feel like an old man on the water.

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    They are both good, the FX is going to be better for rough water. But if you plan to buy a new unit then you want to throw it in neutral and just wait a few more daysóbecause Yamaha is going to announce the new products for 2014.

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    I heard they were doing the that is month, heard something about the 22nd of this month an that's what I am waiting on. Do you know the date?

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