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    I don't want to get too lovey dovey on here, but a huge THANK YOU is in order for the guys in the title block that helped me on my project:

    I don't know about some of the other areas on this forum or other forums, but it amazes me the kindness and generosity of guys in our Polaris community on here (especially considering alot of us have never even met). porschemaniac, xlint89, and Polarisracer166 gave me great deals on parts (especially my hull - best price possible, thanks Karl) and have always been great sources for parts/input for this and my other builds. THANKS!!

    A special thanks definitely goes out to 785 lugs, though. Bob has been awesome to me (and I know many others on here as well) and I really appreciate it. I could never have completed the project without his knowledge and generosity.


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    have been on this board for a long time and have had the same experiences with everyone on here. that's whats keeping me in the polaris game. love the engines and love the people who can answer all my dumb questions.

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