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    Dealer says I need seal replaced?

    It runs fine but when I carried it in for servicing he said it was louder than it should be out of the water (sounds fine in water) When I picked it up I was headed to the coast he said just bring it back later it's only around $120 I said okay. Called him to set up and NOW $120 is the part 2 hours labor and might replace bearing if pitted or rusted while in there (i'm sure wear ring to) is this common on 2011 RXT-160 with 60 hours on it? Hell he's up to almost $500 NOW! What happen if needs it and I keep running it? THANKS!

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    carried your ski into the dealer? damn

    What seal? RXT-160?

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    RXT-260 supposedly when it needs this 'seal' it runs louder than normal outside of the water on the hose

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    No not carried it yet he talked like it be a $120 fix now he hitting on $500! Shady Dealer but I gotta drive over and hour to next Sea-Doo dealer.

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    Im guessing pump bearing seal. No way your gonna hear the pump being louder than usual and the bearings are still good especially since the bad bearings is what makes the noise

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    and he hasn't looked at seal he is going by the "sound" but did say 2 hours labor to pull the pump so whatever seal is in there (but he said warranty doesn't cover it) I have 3yr warranty

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    Here are the instructions to pull the pump

    I can remove the iBR gate and pump in 20 minutes! YGTBSM!

    Do it your self, pull the pump, spin the impeller in the pump and see if it spins smoothly and quietly. If not order the seal and replace.

    The clanging noise you hear on the hose is the drive shaft splines and impeller splines, all normal.

    You are getting the run around with that dealer!!

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    60 hrs? I smell a rat(especially if its still under warrantee)....he might mean a wear ring...?

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    BS!! Ask then specifically what seal there talking about. A noisy seal.. Really?

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    sounds shady, ask for more detailsClick image for larger version. 

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