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    Exhaust Error Code

    I rode for about an hour today and everything was fine. All of the sudden I tried to hit 70mph on my 2006 RXP and I lost power and my gauge cluster said EXHAUST as it made a highpiched constant tone. Now every time I get to about 50mph or accelerate to hard, the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me what my problem is? Thanks for any and all help.

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    Sounds like your exhaust is overheating. Try running some salt away through her.

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    Ok great! How would I do that?

    And when I pulled the drain plugs, the water in the hull was so hot I couldn't touch it and the steam was pretty intense. I don't know if that supports your theory but FYI.

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    How much water was in the hull? Sounds like you may have a busted hose or broken hose clamp. Check all of your exhaust cooling hoses. Your are most likely loosing water somewhere in the exhaust cooling system and its dumping it into the hull instead of the water box causing the exhaust to overheat and hot water draining from the hull.

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    Dont forget to check you pump housing for cracks or splits, itll cause water flow to slow down/stop and can also possibly leak into the hull. The water sloshing around on the water box and engine gets hot as a mother.

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    A lot of water gets in the hull. I filled up the hull with water the other day and it didn't leak out so I am assuming it is taking on water as you suggested but I don't know where the hoses are or how to check them for leaks. Not sure what a water box is either. Lol

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    Also.. The supercharger was rebuilt less than operational 3 hours ago. Is everyone pretty confident that didn't go out on me? (Fingers Crossed) (:

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    You need too look at the hose with the red stripe, that is the raw water intake for the exhaust cooling system. If you arent seeing any water leak from your ski when you fill it up that narrows down the search. Follow your hand all the way till the line meets the back of the hull and feel for cracks or loose hose connector. You can put your flush hose in the tube and see if there is any water flowing or dripping out of the lines. I would drain the ski and lift the front up on the trailer, leave the seat off on a hot day so itll dry out water in the hidden nooks and crannies, dry the inside of the hull 100% so you can see new water immediately. Start the ski and then turn on the water. Get a flash light and look every where. A mirror on a telescoping pole will help . But it should be pretty clear. Go on ebay and type your skis make and model and add pfd in the search, buy and download the manual, they usually cost less then 10 bucks. I have mine stored in my drop box account so i can pull it up on my iphone, ipad, laptop, anything any where. That kind of preperation can proove to be invaluable when you absolutely need it

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    Ok great! I have a service manual in PDF format on my ipad and iphone. It has a diagram of the hoses and flow direction of the water in the exhaust cooling system. Is the red striped hose the hose that pulls water from the back of the craft to the front of the craft? I REALLY appreciate the help!

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    I think the water exits that line and comes in under pressure from the other direction. The tube with the red line runs out the back of the ski, it looks like an outlet because its just a threaded tube with no pump or fitting to force water in under power. when you hook the flush line, it appears that the water flow is reversed. I assumed they did that to help remove any stuff that got stuck going the other direction. I may be totally wrong for the GXP, but this is what ive deducted for the GTI (which i still may be totally wrong). Ive just recently started working on Seadoos because our rental just picked a few up. Its bassackwards from yamahas that ive worked on for years.

    Let me know how it goes for you, and keep us updated.

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