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    2002 Seadoo GTX 4tec gauge problem

    Hey everyone, I own a 2002 Seadoo GTX 4Tec Limited and have been using it about every weekend for the past 6 weeks. Recently on my last two outings I've had some problems with my gauges. I noticed when i brought it home that my gauges would not work and the needles would not move; there was also some moisture built up behind the glass of the gauge. Then when i went to use the ski the weekend after the gauges worked fine. When the gauges are not working I get a long beep. I checked all the fuses near the battery and they all are intact and seem fine. I used the seadoo again last weekend and the gauges worked for the first hour or so. And then the gauges stopped working and the ski started beeping (the only way to stop the beeping was to constantly press the set button). The weird part about it was that I could start the engine with the gauges not working and it seemed to run fine. Can anyone help me out here? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    If there is moisture in the gauges, they are shot. The one long beep is going to be a trouble code for communication with the gauges which you can not see because the gauges don't work. The ski should run fine without the gauges but they do offer a lot of important info so I would change them. I would also check the connections at the back of the gauges and the MPEM

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    That would make sense if the gauges are bad, I'm just trying to figure out how water got into them (probably a bad seal I'm guessing). How much would new gauges run me? I'd prefer to replace the gauges to be safe.

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    I have heard of a few people opening them up drying them out and resealing them with some luck. Might save you some money, and if you destroy it your not out anything for trying.

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