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    SOS Carb removal Question, 1994 750 SLT

    94 750 SLT
    Purchased last year and only ran once.
    Tried this year and found no fuel flow. Pulled gas tank found pick up hoses had fell apart. Cleaned tank and filter and tried again. Still no fuel flow.
    After reading other posts here I order new 3 outlet pump. Looks very easy but found all the hose clamps screw on the bottom fuel rail pointing down and no way to get loose.
    1. How do I remove carb.l? Can feel the nuts under each I think holes them. I would think it smart to clean them up too when I get them off.
    2. How do you check to see if you have the right pluse to fuel pump?
    Sry if this is in the DIY or Tips section--tried to find but no luck.

    Have a 95 750SLT with other issues but will work one at the time.

    Thanks for a great site and for any help.

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    There are 6 nuts that hold the carbs to the intake manifold. Use a 12 mm wrench, a stubby type can be helpful, to get them off. Disconnect the throttle, choke, and variable fuel pump linkage, if equipped. The carbs really should be rebuilt, not just cleaned.

    Lots more info here: Http://

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    If you stand on the left side of the ski and reach across the hull it is easier to reach the nuts on the bottom of the carbs than if you try from the carb side of the ski. I struggled with it the first time then went to the other side and it was much easier. Just don't drop the nuts and washers.....

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