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    96 or 97 Carbs, Which to use?

    I have a 97 XP that has chronic carb issues. I have 96 without accelerator pump or 97 with pump. Is the 97 better or were they just a short term answer to the EPA for decrease idle emissions? Is the jetting the same or was the LS larger on the 96?

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    iam in the same boat you are or where, what carb did you end up using 97 or 96

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    I believe the pump on the 97 was for the xp to give it a little boost in the corners cause it was so under powered. I know it made mine easier to start with a few pumps before hitting the start button. The jets were the same as the ones without. 142.5?

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    Those carbs are jetted differently. The 97 would have the 142.5 on the mag side but 147.5 on the PTO high with the lows being 65's.

    96XP carbs will be 142.5 on top and 70 on the bottom.

    Both should work well if they are unobstructed and the pop off and needles are adjusted correctly.

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    I currently have the 96 carbs with OEM jetting on the unit. Without the accel. pump, the jetting is much richer on the 96s. It uses more fuel and at idle will put a lot more hydrocarbons in the water. I was having a fuel delivery problem that took me almost 4 years to find. The o-ring in the fuel selector valve was bad letting air into to supply line blocking the flow of gas to the carbs. I did all of the pressure testing for the carbs and the entire fuel system with no problems. I had cleaned the selector, but never "tested" it. I discovered the problem because the valve would pass fuel in the off position. I could not find this problem on pressure testing because the supply hose is plugged or clamped not truly testing the operation of the valve. The bad o-ring would hold pressure on testing, but would leak if you moved the valve selector. The unit runs great now after 4 lost seasons with this boat. I had always heard to clean it, but never heard about the o-ring leaking. I knew what problem that I had at the engine, just took a long time to remove the possible variables one at a time.

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