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    need emm for 04 polaris msx 140 asap help please

    i have a 04 polaris msx 140 that is like mint condition hate to junk it i need a good computer for it i bought one on ebay and sent the old and new to dfi for data transfer found out the new computer is not compatable its from a genisis talked to dfi about repairing the old one but its un-repairable any one know where one is i would be willing to buy the whole ski if nessesary please send all ideas to [email protected] thanks

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    Where are you located?

    Do you know why the original EMM failed?

    Be sure to confirm the water cooling flow through the replacement EMM is good. Lack of cooling water can cook an EMM fairly quickly, sometimes with no dash warning message or even a stored trouble code.

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    i bought these 2 skis from the original owner they brought them to me to repair and didnt want to proceed the emm was Cooked because the cooling lines were stopped up with sand i have sent the old emm off to dfi but they say its not repairable

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    oh im in north florida near jacksonville

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    Your un-repairable board is it the voltage regulator board or Both boards? DFI has one of my emm's and they said it was un-repairable but just the voltage reg board. When talking to them i believe they said that the voltage reg board is the same for all polaris and also early 2000's Kawasaki, if you still have the genesis emm I would be interested in taking it off your hands and seeing if dfi can change the voltage reg boards. Unfortunately I won't be able to help you out with your dilemma.

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