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    2001 GP1200r Parts

    I will just start another thread with what I have left. I'll try to get pics up. PM me for them in the meantime.

    Pump with driveshaft and stock impeller- $200
    Intermediate shaft- $100
    Ebox with all wiring and servo- $75
    Stator w/cover- $40
    Factory Ride Plate-$25
    Factory Trim Tabs-$25
    Factory Pump Shoe-$25
    Factory Handlebars- $10
    1200r Waterbox-$50
    Steering, throttle, and trim cables-$25 a piece
    Seat with factory cover-$50
    Fairings and glove box lid (painted flat black)- $75 for all three
    Windscreen (covered with carbon fiber 3m Dinoc) needs new hardware-Sold
    Front Storage Bucket Lid with hinge and hardware-$25
    Front Storage Bucket-$20

    I'l cover shipping on all the small stuff but larger parts like fairings, seat, and driveshaft add $10 for shipping to the lower 48. I have some other stuff lying around that I'm forgetting that I will add but this is a good start. Once the hull is stripped it will go to whoever is willing to come and pick it up. If not it will be going to the scrap yard. The engine is completely gone but other than that it is a complete ski so if there is something specific you are looking for there is a good chance I have it.
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    Here are the pics I had from my previous thread.

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    ttt...I'll have pics of the pump and a few other parts tomorrow

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    Broke the ice. Parts list updated.

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    You comin to fl any time soon?

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