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    Exclamation Rebuilding my 95' - SLT750

    Hello green hulk!

    I'm rebuilding my 1995 polaris SLT 750. theres acouple of questions i have about the build.

    (1)- when i rebuild the lower end, how much oil should i leave at the bottom of the crankshaft case when i seal it back up?

    (2) The startor got completely submerged in water and is a bit rusty.. how can i test it, ohm reading?

    im sure ill have more questions as i build, the reason im rebuilding is the front bearings of the crankshaft went. the Electrical box was not sealed properly and was completely rusted. i cleaned the box and have it in working order now and got the bearings replaced. the pins of the bearings didnt leave horrible grooves in the case but should that be a concern? im open to any help! thanks guys!

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    1. No oil left in case. Lube up all internal parts prior to assembly with either the 2 stroke oil you're going to be using, or fogging oil.

    2. Run it. Hook up a wire from the negative post of the battery to the starter case, and the positive post to the starter post. it should spin.

    CAUTION: it will spin with strong torque/ Don't get your fingers or clothes caught in the teeth.

    How about some pics of the damaged cases?

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    hey thanks for the input! here is acouple of photos.

    i need to know about the "StatOr" heres a pic of it rusted. the starter i re built and it works fine. The stator is basically the alternator in some way correct? i found a thread about the ohm testing. it was very helpful

    Heres a pic of the grooves the pin put in the case. one guy at a "jetski/motorcycle store" told me that it should MIC out fine and not to worry about it.. i think the guy that rebuilt the motor before i got it, installed the crankshaft with the front pin down or didn't seal the lower end correctly and water seized the front bearings up. fortunately the inner and rear bearing are perfect, the rods and pistons are perfect. here is a photo of the front bearing, i got the new bearing and pulled them off. who could i bring the crankshaft too get it put back on? all automotive shops ive gone too have no idea. ive been told a machinist could do it.

    im open to any ideas!
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    Even if that stator ohms out correctly, i would NOT use it. i dont see it ohming correctly with the corrosion on the coils. get yourself a new stator

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