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    2000 RX Driving me nuts!!!

    Ok so I am over from the Yamaha Side and working on a Seadoo so needing some help diagnosing a issue. Ski runs perfect on the trailer put it in the water and 30mph and about 3500rpm is all it goes. No Maintenance Lights and gives the 2 beeps when the lanyard is connected. What I have done so far is checked the compression which was 125 solid on both cylinders. Cleaned the RAVE valves checked the grate and the prop for obstructions. New Plugs and clean Fuel Filter. Checked the Rectifier per some instructions I found and it seems to be working properly. What am I missing here this thing is driving me nuts. I have done a ton of research and seen the same issue but never a solution. Anyone have an idea that I could try? Could it be the fuel pump? Did some research and they seem to be fairly costly and I don't want to start throwing parts at it and waste a bunch of money.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!

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    Carb or DI?

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    I would think rectifier, but you have checked it. Did you disconnect it and run it anyway to see?
    Or fuel problem!

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    I was told the rectifier on these models are built into the Control module in the front of the ski. I call Seadoo dealer and they wanted 200 bucks for one. Where can I get one cheaper? Thanks for your help

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    Pull the choke a little and see how it acts. The rectifier only controls voltage to the battery. If it is bad you will have a light on and maint code

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickeljet View Post
    Pull the choke a little and see how it acts. The rectifier only controls voltage to the battery. If it is bad you will have a light on and maint code
    Not true, there are no fault codes or diagnostics on a carb ski. The rectifier still could be a cause, as it serves a dual purpose, rectifying the AC to DC , and limiting the voltage to the charging system, WHen you blow one of the diodes in the rectifier, it sends AC directly into the charging system, which mucks up the electronics at higher RPM's.

    On the trailer, start the ski and first measure the DC voltage at the battery as you rev the ski, then measure the AC voltage when you rev the ski. Report back what you see.

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    DC was 12.45 at 5krpm. AC was .6mv at 5krpm? What does this tell me? Thanks for all the help.

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    Anyone know if the numbers above equal a bad rectifier?

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    Trim your plug wires

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