I have a 97 waveraider 701. I had to replace the 701 engine about 2 years ago due to the oil pump jamming and blowing the engine. Replaced with a SBT swap out. Runs great without any problems. At the begining of this year I heard a whistling / scrapping type noise which after some digging I thought was the impeller and due to the rear bearings. I removed the entire assemble and didn't feel any play in the rear bearings of the pump when in a vice. I did notice that the impeller was chipped and the housing around it was also a little warn. I purchased a new solas Impeller and installed it up and checked all the gaps to find that it was within tolerance to the housing per the manual.

After re-installing the entire assemble I was riding it and didn't hear anything right away. Then I started to hear it again after about an hour. I stared to head home and of course it got way worse. The whole ski started to vibrate alot. I imediately hit the stop button and just coasted to a stop. I got a tow back home and after speaking with a tech at SBT i decided to purchase their replacement intermediate bearing and housing as well as new engine mounts. After torquing it all back down and re-assembling [checking the tolerance and alignment on the drive per the book] I noticed tried it out again. I was still getting a faint noise like before and found that the engine had shifted. Turned out that 3 of the 4 brand new engine mounts broke. This caused the bearing to get hot. I am in the process of doing a warranty claim through SBT.

Any one have any ideas? Am I installing something wrong? I was using 12ft/lbs for torque on the motor mounts. Now that I think about it I never trued up the rear jet pump. Is there a way to do this other than just inserting the shaft into intermediate bearing?

I just rebuilt the OEM bearing housing with all new parts tonight and will re-install this. The old engine mounts look OK to me so I will re-use them also.