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    95 Wave venture 700 cavatation I please read..need to split drive

    I have a 1995 wave venture 700. Ran great, had some low end issues when I realized the primer was routed to wrong feed line...Fixed it and ran great. Then had carb issue (months later) ...Got carbs rebuilt and engine runs great...seems that the drive is not pulling water..Prop seems a little beat up but would the problem just come up now???

    Had the ski in the water today and seemed like when I would get seaweed in intake grate....I have another prop from a wave raider (same one I checked) and wanted to know how to split the drive apart if I have to.

    Ran ski and the overheat indicator came on rather quick. (less than one minute) which leads me to believe that I'm not pulling water.

    Any help appreciated.


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    id pull apart the jet drive, you probably pushed seaweed into the freshwater line to the motor.

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    The part that has the stator veins should have a filter built onto the side of it. Take it apart and take a peek.

    To remove the impeller you will need a special socket that you put on the splines of the pump shaft, then torque that down on a vise. If you can find a box wrench that fits that stock impeller, remember that the threads are left handed and that you must go clock wise to remove the impeller. Since your pump is a little long in the tooth, heating the impeller with a torch would probably help. Remember that the stator veins has rubber seals on it though, so be careful.

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    thanks guys...still wondering why all of a sudden the ski is cavatating on me. makes no sense...ran fine last time before carb issue.

    What could cause this besides hitting something (I was not riding the ski) or just murphy's law

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    found problem, wear ring is cracked in housing and causing it to swell. Which replacement do I want...plastic inside or stainless inside for wear ring. thanks in advance guys!!!

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