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    this guys boat is sinking... again

    well there is a guy at our marina that works on peoples wood boats for them. its his job and he pretty much lives down there doing this. we used to have a wood boat and one of his boats is wood, yet it hasn't been in the water in years.

    A few years ago he was hired to work on a large Richardson and after working for half the summer he finally gets it in the water. meanwhile we are on our boat for vacation. we still had the woody at the time, a 1949 chris craft, and after having issues with a strut pulling boards from the bottom of the boat, and one of our gas tanks forming a pin hole and leaking we returned to our marina, with about 20 gallons of gas in home depot buckets on the back deck.

    when we returned to our marina we found our that another wood boat had much worse issues than we did. it had sunk to the bottom, with only about the top wind shield peaking out of the water. apparently a wood cork in the wood came out and the boat started filling when nobody was around. and by the time anyone noticed it was already gone. to make matters worse for the owner they left the motor vents on the side of the boat open and the both engines filled with water.

    believe it or not they decided to restore the boat, hiring the same guy to do the job.

    so while this guy wasn't working on that boat, which hasn't been in this year, hes was working on another wood boat, they finally decided to put her in the well to soak up, as wood boats have to do, and they let it soak for a few days. so the other day while i was down at the marina working on my jet ski lift they move the boat around to its dock. about 30 min later i hear the guy who worked on it yelling to another guy to turn the travel lift on because they're sinking.

    well after about an hour of fighting with it one of them must have gotten the great idea to call a firehouse to get a hold of a pump truck. well it turns out that 12 different firetrucks would show up from about 5 or 6 different departments.

    you can see the boat sitting very low in some of the pictures.

    shame it was a really sharp looking boat, i wonder if the owner will keep her or have her scrapped

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ID:	309732 more pictures to give you an idea about how many trucks were there, there were even more behind the bigger trucks. in the end i'm pretty sure the only truck they used was a f350 with a pump on the back.

    one view from our boats flybridge, theres my running waverunner 3 on the trailer
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    oh dear...

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    Good lord.

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