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    1996 sl 780 rebuild questions

    I guess I am going to rebuild my free ski. I have taken it to a buddies machine shop. He has lots of tools to do the job but not build many jet ski motors. He is going to take it apart and let me know whats up later. I am already thinking of increasing the bore but not sure how much I should increase it? Are there other things that should be done while it is apart in his shop that will increase performance?

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    Increasing the bore wont do much if anything. Pistons are only available up to .040 over.

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    Well I guess I know the limit now. What can be done?

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    As noted above, just boring a piston oversize isn't going to add much displacement. While it's at the shop, have them check the crankshaft for phase. Meaning all 3 pistons should be exactly 120* apart, and that the bearings are all in good order. No sense in doing anything to an engine if the crank is no good. All it will do is fail quickly, and take other components with it.

    If you're looking for true performance gains, having your cyls ported is a good way to go. But that can be pricey. How much are you looking to spend?

    You can quickly throw a lot of $$ into these skis that you will never get out of it. Often it's just easier to tell guys to buy a bigger/faster ski as opposed to beefing up a smaller engine.

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    I had not planned on doing anything to it till it blew up. Now that I am forced to rebuild I just wonder what upgrades I can do to it for less than a few thousand. I will ask about the crank but would assume it to be part of a rebuild? I will also ask about porting the cyl? is there a size for that also or a guideline for it? Any other things a machinist could do? I am open ears.

    Also looking into a bigger ski.

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