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    polaris sl900 oil pump

    Hi guys new to the forum. I just wanted to ask is it normal or should I say common for the self oiler to stop working on these engines? I bought one about a month ago and it ran great but after running the better part of a day this weekend it stopped running so I tested the compression to find 30 psi on the rear cyl.

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    These oil pumps almost never fail. However, the lines from the pump can fail. If the oil pump failed, all 3 cylinders would have been messed up. I am more willing to bet it was caused by dirty carbs. Do you still have the grey fuel lines? Those are known to plug up carbs and kill motors.

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    No the fuel lines are black. Im thinking about getting the parts to rebuild but not sure yet and don't really know why this happened.

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    Can be caused by lean fuel condition, Carb or a air leak, maybe on the rear seal, A bad oil pump would normally take out bearings or scuff cyl. walls, not burn down pistons. post pictures of what you find if you pull the head.

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