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    2004 RXP Exhaust Valve Failure x 2

    Good day to all!!!

    Just like to Introduce myself & hopefully get some advice as per "title"
    I`am wayne from Wales U.K and have a 2004 Sea doo RXP supercharged with 17hrs use! Owned for about 4 years but didnt have transport to get out and use it!

    Ok so after replacing steering cable battery etc took the ski out and had a good old ride, following week i decided to service ready for the weekend, all was well for the first 1hr or so untill it died, seized solid! luckily wasnt out too far and the tide gently costed me in!

    Upon inspection i noticed it had lost all the coolant and could`nt remove the spark plug from no`1 cylinder at first i assumed it had cooked the head gasket "hence no collant" once home and did manage to get the plug out horrors confirmed, spark plug looked like it had a stick of dynamyte go off in the cylinder!!!

    Once i had taken the head off i could see i had done a proper job 2 x exhaust valves had given up snapped and decided to have a party in the cylinder

    I`ll get some pictures up later, along with a few questions if some peeps could advise!

    Cheers wayne!

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    Sorry but an unfortunately common problem due to lack of use and winterizing the early 04-05 were bad for it and the valves updated in 06. the valve stem gets rusted and fails (hollow valve stem) and the head of the valve drops off causing all sorts of damage

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    Welcome to Greenhulk, Wayne! As Jason said, this happens quite often, and more often than not it is the #1 cylinder that is mostly affected by this.

    Read this sticky for more details:

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    common problem sorry for your loss. Is the block still good?

    Besides bolts, bearings, and gaskets you will need a piston and probably a rod along with a complete head to repair it.

    Look the block over and make sure it did not crack the bore.

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    As everyone above says, it's a common problem. After you fix that, add the supercharger ceramics on your list.

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    hello all,

    Thanks for the replys (slightly belated) but all the same! I have removed the engine and stripped it down, getting it sent off this week to a reputable engineering company which have repaired many of the 4tec blocks & heads here in the UK, i am "on the fence" as it were weather to have all the valves replaced or just all of the exhaust side, any recommendation`s before i give the go ahead?

    They are having both parts of the block head & crank to check over for me, along with the fubard piston + con rod

    Cheers, wayne

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    Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum. By all means replace all of the valves. You can get the supertech valves in the forums online store cheaper than a new set of OEM valves

    If you need any other help or advice let us know.

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    I would replace the intake valves as well since you're in there, add new valve seals to the parts list. When you reassemble the engine don't forget to install upgraded flywheel bolts.

    This makes me feel better about pro actively replacing the valves in my RXP before failure. The valves are only part of the cost, machine shop, head gasket, valve seals, head studs, rocker shaft bolts and all the other misc stuff add up quickly.

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    Who's doing your work Wayne?

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    Just getting mine back together. I keep finding more updates to get done. Just waiting on the newer rocker shaft. Hopefully have it going over the weekend. Not that it matters with the weather up here.

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