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    Question New owner, where to ride in VA/MD?

    Hey guys,

    I've been riding my buddy's STX-15's for a few years at Ocean City, and finally decided I wanted to go find my own ride, and try places other than OC. Lake Anna, OBX, VA Beach, all these places are open to me now. I tried renting once, and that was just no fun. They limited the top speed and the area that I was allowed to go. Picked up a 2001 GPR-800, and 2006 SeaDoo Wake Edition, and I'm just about ready to start riding for the tail-end of the season.

    My problem is that my OC buddy has always known where the cool places to go are, where the public docks are, which bars/restaurants are boat accessible, etc. And it's all been in Ocean City. I'm new to boats in general, so I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out how things work, cause I don't (yet) know anyone else with boats in the area to ask the stupid, probably obvious questions of.

    So here's the big question: How do I find public ramps, and how do I know which waters are pwc safe/friendly/fun? For instance, I know there's jet-skiing on the Occoquan, and I can get there somewhere in Woodbridge, but damned if I have any idea where I can actually launch the boats from.
    The other question is how you guys go about finding pubs and restaurants on the water that have publicly accessible docks? Is that kind of thing just obvious? What about gas stations? I love exploring, but a few landmarks to start with would be really helpful.

    I'm sure these seem pretty dumb, but I'm kinda going headfirst into this, and these are the kinds of things the internet hasn't been able to answer for me.

    The motorcycle groups I ride with often make custom Google maps of an area and put all the point-of-interest stuff on them. You guys do anything like that?

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    I know a guy who has some of the resources you seek, lol. But first, welcome to the 'hulk and your latest addiction. If you're into mods and speeds, you're at the right place. And if you're a rec. rider as well, there are plenty that can help in that dept. as well.

    So to answer your question go here: (then "Find a Trail", then "I agree", then pick the state you're interested in). Nothing to buy or sign up for, no usernames or passwords involved - just free info.

    I must admit I don't have a lot of trail info for the area you're inquiring about, but I am currently working on beta for the lower Chesapeake area.

    Other than the above, I think you may have to do a certain amount of research yourself: GPS w/mapping software and Google Earth will serve your purposes.

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my site or any of the trails - and be sure to check back often as info is being added weekly.

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    There is a launch finder app for the I-phone that helps as well. There's a dozen restaurants to pull up to in ocm and u can venture up to Delaware and down to chincateaque by water as well. We are riding from ocm to chincateaque the Sunday of Labor Day weekend if u want to join

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    nice, thanks for the links. I found an android launch finder app, and I've got my plans set for next weekend.
    Looks like I can just keep tabs on this forum to find what I'm looking for, as well as group rides and stuff. gonna be fun!

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    Lots of places to go if you spend enough time researching. Check back here periodically to see who is doing what and where. This coming Sat is a Poker Run at Tim's I set in at Gravely Point(National Airport) and Occaquan State Park many times.

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    Does anyone have exact name of the iphone app to find launch finder?

    pwctrailfinder website not pulling up on my iphone, wondering if it is no longer up


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