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    Extremely Rough Engine (Intermittently)

    Newbie here. I have a 2007 F12 Aquatrax that when running correctly, which is most of the time, runs great. It will on occasion start to run extremely rough (while running it) almost like I have lost a cylinder or two. It will correct itself after some time and run perfectly normal again. When in this condition it will barely even get to the point of planning out and the entire ski vibrates really bad. Once I was a long way from the dock when this occurred so I got it back on plane (barely) to head back and after several miles of running this way it just took off and returned to normal running condition while still under throttle. It ran fine the rest of that day and for several days on the water after that. I get no alarms of any kind. At this point I am back to the rough condition again. Any ideas as to what may be creating this issue?

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    New spark plugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOIDEA View Post
    New spark plugs
    Yes, I already have some ordered but just checking in case there is something else I need to look for. Seems really odd how it flips back and forth between running great and running terrible. Literally like flipping a switch. There's no in between. Thanks for your reply!

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    PS you don't need to take anything out just spray down beween air box and fuel rail at the springs

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOIDEA View Post
    New spark plugs

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    Is there a way to check a single plug so I don't have to replace all?

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