• These are what Scott is considering.

    ANY COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS, email/call Scott.
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    We are fortunate to have a title sponsor like Hot Products lined up for the 2013 event. Hot Products has one of the largest and most diverse library of communication lines which allows a considerable amount of new information to come to us on ways we can improve the sport. We welcome all suggestions on how to continue to evolve the event to be the best expression of the sport that it can be. Some highlights we are already hearing are:

    1) Adjust the split section of the track so that it is longer and accounts for 50% of the lap time.

    2) Change the registration lines so that there is a priority prepaid line, especially during opening days.

    3)Weigh Stock Class and Limited Class runabout prior to competition during the pre-tech inspection.

    4) Create a longer start for Runabouts that does not use the split so the split can be more technical during the rest of the laps.

    5) Move ancillary celebrations like Parade of Nations to earlier in the week (like Tuesday) so competitors can participate without being overloaded for the next day’s racing.

    We are working on these things and many other improvements. Please send in your comments early.””