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    Help, my Sl 780 water in tank now runs like poo poo

    What did I do? My 96 sl ran great but the gas cap was loose. Then it started to run like crap we didn't know it had waterin the tank and drove it as far as it can go. Got home and siphoned out 1 plus gallon of water. Now it won't rev past 4000 rpm. I have spark, fuel, but I notice the pto cyclinder is runnign much cooler than the other two. Maybe it has more water in the carb? Compression is strong like it was, motor is new and plugs are firing. It revs crispy to 3000 rpm but breaks up after 4000 or 4300. Any advice. I love this ski.

    Frank 97 98 gtx's and my sl 780

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    Perhaps now is the time to clean and rebuild all the carbs and perhaps change out the fuel hoses.

    Do some diagnostics. Do you have strong, consistent spark on the PTO cylinder?

    Will the engine start and run (roughly) with JUST the PTO spark plug connected? Ground the other two spark plug wires for this test. The engine should run about the same on each cylinder with only that one spark plug firing. If not, then focus on the cylinder that runs worst, or not at all.

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    I like the idea of testing it with one cylinder and will do that now. The carbs are also rebuilt but I will clean them out anyway and check or the inter connecting hoses. Spark is very strong. thank you.

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