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Thread: SLT700 no spark

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    SLT700 no spark

    My dad accidently hooked the battery up backwards on our jetski. When doing so it shot sparks, After that it would not start. We thought he fried the cdi, so we purchased a used electrical box with cdi and everything in it. We installed the new box and still no spark. The fuse that was inside the new box was blown so we put a new fuse in and still nothing. How do we check the stator next or the trigger? Thanks for your help!

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    A buddy of mine did that to his kids chinese 4 wheeler. It cooked the stator, you could see it, no testing necessary.

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    The tests are all listed on here. Might have fried the ground wire going to the stator or the stator itself. I just got done looking for over a month for a good used Gen 1 stator. Finally gave up and bought a brand new ignition update kit off Ebay for $799.00.

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