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    99 1200 xl help please

    Hello all, I have a 99 1200 XL Limited that has the dreaded rear cylinder that has grenade, I'm not sure how it happened because I bought it that way in a pair with a GP 1200. So I called a local repair shop in Portland to ask some questions about repair & the guy tells me that hopes I didn't pay a lot for the POS & that all Yamaha 1200s are pieces of sh!t, but he was more than eager to have me spend $4000 bux on a short block installed & premix setup with rejet on the carbs & D-plate, what a joke, if I was going to spend that kind of coin I'd just buy another ski! So my question is, where do you guys go for the best deal on parts as I am more than capable of doing the repairs myself & is the ski worth putting the cash into or is it the POS that this guy says it is? Other than the engine issue the ski is in great shape & has been well cared for. Anyone got a good engine fer sale? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    WOW...this repair shop guy sounds like a complete douchebag. "All Yamaha 1200 are POS"...get real. That's the last thing I would say if I wanted to get someone's repair business. First of all, there are 2 completely different Yamaha 1200s. There is the non PowerValve 1200s and the PowerValve 1200s. The PV1200s seem to be less reliable and certainly WAY more expensive to fix/maintain.
    Nobody has a good engine for sale. People with good engines...use them. 99 XL1200 is a powervalve engine. Post in the 2 stroke section..not the old school section. The Old School Section is for Non-PowerValve engines.

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