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    Replacement of CDI BOX

    Hi Guys. Can enyone help me, my cdi box on my Kawasaki 750SX are broken and i need to replace it, but i dont know what year my jetski are, all labels are painted over from last owner, so no idea what year, i was told it is a 95 but not problem is that there are so many diffrent cdi boxes for this model, every box looks the same but with a small diffrent in the part number printed on the back of the CDI, some CDI on ebay are listed for only maby 92 and 93 year and some new ones are supose to fit All 750SX ?? what are the diffrent on these CDI and can i not use a CDI box from a 93 model on a 95 model unless its a brand new re production ? i hope someone have any help. Have a nice day all best regard Michael (Denmark)

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    Welcome aboard, MIV!

    There should be a second hull identification number hidden underneath the battery. The last two digits of the serial number indicate the model year.

    The biggest difference I've seen with the boxes are some have an extra harness for electric trim. If you buy a used one, make sure they post a picture of the inside. It should be clean with no corrosion.

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    Hi Steve

    Thank you very much for your information, unfortunately this plate was removed from the Jetski, the inside of the hull are also painted, but i was able to recover the plate from the outside hull and i think that i can read the last digit as a 2 so i think it`s a 1992 model.

    I think that i will buy an new CDI from ebay so that i dont risk getting a bad one.

    Thank you for your help

    Best Regards


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