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    Problems with 02 virage

    Man, I gotta go deeper with this one, any ideas??? My 02 virage with 800 DI motor won't run so found that a magnet came loose and cut into stator coil. I replaced the flywheel (6 magnet one), the stator, and CPS. I made sure the housing was clean and all debris out. I now have the 20 plus volts on the r/w wires to injectors, I got good battery, I got 25 PSI gas presuure at shrader valve. I cleaned all grounding wires. It run on driveway, but when I put in water, it didn't start right away, but I did get it going and it ran great if you held throttle at around 3500 RPM, when you opened it up it would quit. I pulled out of water and now it won't start, it backfires almost like its out of time. I have good compression, but I haven't checked the piston TDC to make sure there at 180 dgr. cause when it was running at 3500 it run really nice. Also, it won't start when I disconnect the TPS, its supposed to , right???. Start/Stop module ???? EMM ??? Any other ideas, Thank You dave.

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    The backfiring worries me the most.

    You can bypass the LR-503 Start/Stop module for testing. Search my prior posts with LR-503 in the post title.

    In your case I suspect the LR bypass will not improve the situation. On the Ficht fuel injected engines, backfiring often indicates the EMM engine module needs repair, ala DFI Technologies.

    As a first step, review all the wire connections to the engine, make sure you did not reconnect something incorrectly. For example, the exhaust temp sensor has the same connector as the fuel injectors.

    Make sure the ignition coils are correctly hooked up, primary and secondary. Solid ground connection at the ignition coil bracket.

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