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    Blowing Water Out- Post Ride

    This might be a dumb question but what exactly is the purpose of doing this? And Do you have to get all the water out? Low RPM Revs or couple High RPM Revs. With mine it seems like revving low RPMs doesnt exactly get all water out. Does it hurt to give couple good higher RPM revs for no longer than 15 seconds of course to get more water out or is this not necessary? Thanks

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    My understanding is that the purpose is to reduce the amount of liquid water sitting inside the exhaust water box.

    When towing, if the waterbox is nearly 'full' it is possible for some of that water to slosh back towards the engine, and potentially enter the engine through an open exhaust port.

    When in storage, having a large amount of water sitting inside the waterbox just makes for even higher humidity inside the exhaust system. That excess moisture will work its way back to the engine exhaust ports and can potentially create rust and corrosion issues.

    My own technique is to apply a very firm but fairly short throttle burst, and release the throttle before the engine gets into the redline zone. When the engine returns to idle, I burp the throttle again. On my own machines it takes typically three to four throttle bursts to get most of the water out.

    If I want to be sure it is as dry as it can be, I shut the engine down and let the engine cool for a few minutes while I strap the hulls down and generally get things road ready, then start it up again and do a couple more throttle bursts.

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    I'm trying to come up with a way to install a drain into the bottom of the waterbox of my '12 VXS. I'm thinking of pulling it this winter and welding a SS bung into the bottom with a short piece of -AN line connected to it with a fitting and plug in the other end to facilitate draining. In my situation, where i live i have to have the ski inspected and sealed before using it in Lake Tahoe.
    I am required to start it and rev it three times and if as much as a single drop of water comes out, they have to 'disinfect' the cooling system with heated water. The guys that perform this function are absolute clowns, spraying water all over the inside of the hull, accidently loosing the connection to the flush fitting, etc. Then they charge me and extra $35.00 and give me a sticker to put on the side, 'seal' the bow eye to the trailer, and send me on my way.
    I can avoid all of the idiocy and the $35.00 extra 'disinfecting' charge if when i start the engine for them, no water comes out ... hence the idea of a drain.

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    Thanks Vman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacon View Post
    Thanks Vman!
    No problem, glad to help.

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