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    Ultra 300X almost ran out of gas


    is the gas economy different using the yellow SLO key vs the orange full power key?

    I was out on the lake today - low to moderate chop and was on a poker run with a bunch of boats - I had in the fast key in and my son had in the SLO key towing his freind behind him on the seat - Anyway - they wanted me to use the SLO key too - so I changed to the SLO key after a while we were at a far place in the lake, and my son noticed has was low in fuel and had about 2 less bars than I had and we started to freak out because we were following boats and really did not know how far we went and where we were - then the gas just started to really drain fast as ran around asking everyone on the lake we could talk to if there was a place to get more fuel - Everyone kept telling to go to a certain place and every-time we would get to that point - there was still no place to get gas - our fuel lights were blinking and we were in trouble.

    we passed by a boat dock and a boater saw we were in trouble and gave us some gas from a gas can ( I was hoping it was at least 91 octane) - so we both got about 2 gallons of gas and the boat guys drove with us over to a hotel about a few miles way and we filled up with 91 on the dock - on the way home we used only the fast key and kept it in the ECO zone (about 40-42MPH) and we made it back with plenty of gas - maybe we used 2 bars - so I have 2 skis with 3/4 full of questionable gas

    It seemed that the gas mileage was a lot better with the fast key in - in ECO mode than with the SLO key in

    also what do you guys recommend as a gas treatment so the questionable gas I have doesn't screw anything up - the hotel said the gas was 91 octane, however how knows - what should I use?

    sorry for the long post

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    You have 6-7 gallons left when the buzzer goes @ anywhere from 3.5 to 4.4 miles a gallon your good for 20-23 miles...yes ECO is best fuel economy but you put anything less than 91 EASY on the gas don't do more that 30-35 mph till you fill back to 91-93 oct....I wouldn't trust those octane boosters...

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    yea its not until there are actually NO bars showing that you need to worry hahaha. each ski is different, one of my 300's starts beeping at me with 8gallons left it it!

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    With a mixed run you'll get 70 miles without too much trouble (more if you take it easy and ride on the plane at around 5000 RPM). The buzzer comes on when you've used 2/3 of a tank, so you have 1/3 left. As above, start to worry when you have NO bars

    As for using more on the SLO key, it may be because they weren't up on the plane as much??

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    Very informative.
    Thanks for the post and sorry for the extra gray hairs your ski gave you. Being out on any body of water is plenty scary when there is a threat of running out of fuel.

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    at about 4,500 rpms and making no boost, i've managed 105 miles on a tank with my 300, when I filled up I still had 4 gallons left. so you can easily squeeze 4-5 mpg out of that ski taking it easy.

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    Thanks guys for the input

    I looked at the manual again and I saw my mistake - I thought I remembered that when the buzzer sounded I had 7 miles left and it was 7.3 gallons - we were freaking out for nothing - however great lesson learned

    I am surprised kawi or aftermarket company does not make a molded gas storage container that would fit under the storage bin for a log haul - I know it would add weight and throw off the balance - but for a log straight kind of cruise it seams like it might be a good idea

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