We just bought a 95 polaris 780, it was running fine but the last time we took it out towards the end of the day it would only run low rpm back to the dock. I assumed it was low on fuel. I have since filled the fuel tank as well as the oil tank, we took it out yesterday and it seems to run fine from idle to about 3/4 throttle but immediately dies when ran at full throttle. I replaced the spark plugs just in case it might be ignition (which i thought would be doubtful) but it does the same thing. I have read a couple of posts that when low on fuel or oil it automatically goes into "limp" mode. i assume there is no reset for this "limp" mode and you just ensure your oil and fuel are full. my mfd has not worked since we bought it but am going to look into the fuse mentioned today, but if anyone has any ideas on the "dieing at max throttle" i would appreciate it.