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    Gel Coat - Point me in the right direction X-45 1999 SLTX-B

    Looking to purchase a quart of white gel coat for my ski. It's a 1999 SLTX-B, X-45. I need the matching white for the top of the craft. Can someone point me in the right direction towards a good quality manufacturer? I've checked and it seems they do not even have a Polaris section.


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    Its paint, not gel coat. The PPG color code is 2185. Go to a shop that sells automotive paint and get some mixed up. Are you doing touch up or painting the whole ski? You can also get the paint in spray cans through a Polaris dealer.

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    Thanks Brian. I am just doing a touch up. I also ordered the decals from the same vendor you got yours from. Plan on wet sanding, buffing, and touching up a few imperfections on the craft.

    Did you buy a new bumper for your x-45?

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