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    test the timing?

    I'm about to go buy a timing light, and wanted to ask a silly question before i try to use it. My 97 sl700dlx just had the flywheel put back on last night, so the flywheel cover is off for easy access to the timing screws if they need adjustment. is it ok to test to timing in this configuration? or should I put the cover on and just not tighten it fully? in addition since the ski is not in the water should I have water running through the hose inlet on top of the engine? or just leave it alone for the 5 seconds it'll be running? any other advice or pitfalls I should be wary of?

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    without the cover you need a bendix holder so you'll have to put the cover on loose and it's ok to run it for 10-15 seconds without the hose on and if you leave the rear cylinder wire off and then put the front on the rear the cylinder is cool so you can test it again on that cylinder with the mag wire this is how I do it on the 3 cylinders to keep it from getting hot ,just an old trick I was taught

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    ah, i forgot about the bendix, glad i asked. thanks!

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    so... it's all hooked up, but i'm not getting any fuel to the carbs. the fuel filter is about half full, but we actually pulled it and filled it 90% full, so it has drained down to half full. i seem to remember it being very full when i originally took it apart. the gas tank is currently only half in the hull, at about a 45 deg angle. is that going to be an issue? is there anything obvious about this set up that is preventing the fuel from flowing? i've checked the hoses for kinks, and double checked the placement of the hoses into the fuel pickup. is the angle of the system hurting me? is there a way to prime the hoses so i don't run down the battery and starter with no fuel in the carbs?

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    The fuel sender runs vertically down from the top of the tank. If the fuel is at such an angle that the bottom of the sender is not submerged, you wont get any fuel..... Often times pouring a little gas down the carb throats and starting the motor will help the system prime, as long as the fuel sender tube is submerged that is......

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