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    Weird Problem - Kawi ZXI

    I played around with the kids in tow today for about a hour. We had a blast. Then suddenly I started having problems. The ski starts up fine and I can idle around 1-2 mph ok. When i pull the throttle lever to "punch it" the rpm's shoot up to 7000 but the ski keeps on going idle speed. The engine is revving high, it just is not going any faster than 1-2 mph. It does not sound like the engine is under strain at all and there is no evidence of attempted thrust coming from the jet. (other than enough to go idle speed.) So i know there is at least SOME thrust.
    I checked the intake and prop and everything looks clean with no blockage. I should add that for about 20 minutes before this i noticed the ski was porpoising all over the place,.. i just thought it was a trim problems, but when i got to shore the trim still worked fine.

    1996 Kawasaki ZXI

    Please help.
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    Could be bent or damaged impeller blades if you sucked up some rocks. Probably just trash. It only takes a match stick to screw it up. Other possibilities include missing sealant around the pump, and stripped splines on the driveshaft.

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    Is replacing an impeller blade a DYI project?.. I try to do most of the work on my car/skis myself ....or is this a pro job involving $$$$?

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    You can probably do it, but you'll need the proper tool to do it (~$20).

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    I had looked in the intake and saw nothing, but decided to remove the grate and feel around the area of the impeller. Found a piece of drift wood lodge on one of the blades.. Remove it, checked the gaps and then took it out on the lake .. Ran great. Amazing how something so small can affect the ski so much!.

    Thanks to this forum and everyone who responded.!

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    that little prop turns 7k rpm . anything that disrupts water flow or prop balance feels like the engine is going to fly apart.

    To remove the prop you need a really good bench vise and some basic hand tools. You can get the prop reworked like new for far les then the price of a new one.

    Might want to pull the pump at seasons end to check the bearings. While it;s on the bench you can really eyeball the prop. Minor nicks are ok..but anything significant directs you to get it refurbished.

    thanks for the follow up and wecome aboard.

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