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Thread: pro 785 bog

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    pro 785 bog

    I am the first to admit. I suck at tuning carbs. That said, I have brought my carbs to service recommended specs and I still have a nasty bog when I slam the throttle. It's not quite as bad from a dead stop as it is from 15-20mph and cracking the throttle wide open. Sometimes it's so bad it will sputter and almost die for maybe a second and then it will rip away. Again, I don't know carbs the best, but this to me has something to do with the high speed side of things? Any suggestions? I know it's pretty vague but that is literally the only problem I have with this ski. Otherwise it will run 7840-7850 constantly on top.

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    Lets start here. Post up how many revolutions out are the lows on each cylinder and highs on each cylinder. A good starting place is 1-1/2 on the lows and 1/4 on the highs. At least that is where I started. Remember, the MAG cylinder will require a little more fuel on the low than the other two. Give that a try and see what it does and we can go from there.

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    Thanks for the tip. So many different things on here about these pros. You might be able to help quite a bit since the ski is running on Gull Lake and I see you're in MN too

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    I don't have the ski with me right now so next time I am able I will post how many turns.

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    Stock pro 785s came a touch lean in the low speed circuit and a touch rich in the high speed circuit...if you are set up with a stock pro 785 and stock carb settings, leave the high-speeds stock (fully seated) and turn the low speed screws out an additional 1/4 turn

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    Piston wash looks really good on pto and mag cylinders but cen looks a bit lean. Will try to post pics on here if I can get it to work on my phone. Also very surprised at how clean the valves were. Look almost brand new.

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    That looks real good brah.... Maybe a touch more fuel for the center like you said, but just barely. Nice....

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    Thanks. I thought so too. Now just to get the oring situation fixed for the hotseat head.

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