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    95' Blaster w/ 701 engine wont start

    Engine ran strong then stopped working. I recently put a new starter motor in it. At first it seemed to crank over perfect but now it can hardly turn the pistons over or at least very slow, like less than 1 revolution per second, it did fire up once but now I can't get it to start any more.

    I pulled the exhaust off and starter motor off to see if it was the starter. The starter motor turns by hand with little resistance but is constant all the way around, I connected starter to battery and it sounded good and ran as I would have thought it should do. All 360 degrees sounded normal and spun relatively freely but I honestly do know what to expect, does this sound normal to you?

    I pulled off head to look at pistons, and sleeve walls. The walls look and feel perfect. Both pistons slide up and down relatively easy, smooth, no nicks and feel as I would think they would. The top the rear piston and rear piston dome has some wear on it but I don't think i should affect the engnine running.

    I checked for spark when it was turning over slowly and spark looked strong and good. I sprayed starting fluid in it and still could not get it to fire up. I was hoping to see a bad piston when I took the top off but didn't. I'm at a loss now as to why it wont start. any help would be much appreciated!

    Its a 95 Blaster with bored cyclinders, i'll have to check the size, pretec exhaust, single carb intake. I checked fuse as well, its good.

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