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    Gp1200r shooting flame out exhaust

    I have a 2001 gp1200r put in new motor, everything was great for the first four hours of the new motor, after 4 hours machine died and doesn't want to run right again. Have 130 psi compression on all cyclinders, new reeds installed rebuilt carbs, new ada racing head and new plugs. When is starts it will run rough, and then at idle it dies and shoots a flame out of the exhaust. Any one got any ideas?

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    You got a flame thrower and break out your wallet. Sounds like combustion is off and backfiring bad. You might have blew out your reeds and who knows what else

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    Agreed on blown reeds. Pull the stator cover and see if the woodruff key is sheered. Tough to do if the motor is in the ski.

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