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    How do I flush the fresh water intake grate on a msx 150 ? Looks like it is clogged and have been getting a over heat light after running usually for more than an hour.

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    Do you mean where the freshwater pickup tube gets its supply in the nozzle of the jetpump? There is a small postage-stamp-sized plastic screen over the pickup port that can sometimes get clogged.

    An easy way would be to remove the 4 long bolts on the jet pump and just pop the end nozzle off (remove steering linkage and reverse linkage). Then you can clean out the pickup port screen and inspect the entire water pickup tube that runs beside the jet pump and feeds water into the engine through the hull.

    Is your coolant level good? Not using coolant, right? The freshwater system cools the intercooler and pulls the heat out of the coolant system... and cools the oil tank and cools the exhaust turbo-manifold. If your sucking up any gunk in your freshwater system... it's likely going to collect in the intercooler... and slowly choke off water flow there.

    Next time you get your overheat indicator... pop the seat and pull the single wire connector that goes to the rear side of the turbo-manifold... beside/below the wastegate. Just pop it off... no worries. If your overheat indicator goes off... then that's your cause. That thermoswitch is telling the system that the exhaust manifold is getting too hot. If you had a clog and slowing of freshwater flow... that would make sense... since it's last in the line of cooling in that system. At least you'll know for sure which overheating your getting. If the overheat indicator does NOT go out when you pull that connector off... then it's the coolant temp sensor... which is not good... meaning the entire coolant system is too hot... which can lead to bad things if severe enough... like a warped block and shot compression.


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    Thanks ill try that. I also pulled out the two sensors on a friends advise. Both look a little dirty could that have been part if the problem and what would I use to clean them?

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