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    best impeller for 2009 rxp rxpx

    hey guys

    i have 2006 rxp but everythig i mean everything is swapped from 2009 rxpx 255hp
    (engine pump driveshaft ..... everything )

    today after i sucked some rocks in the pump i had lil vibration when i was riding
    looked at the impeller and it looks really bad
    time to get new impeller

    my question is what is the BEST impeller for 2006 rxp with 255 rxpx engine and pump ??
    i would like lil better acceleration and lil better top end

    my rpms on top end are around 8100

    mods in jetski
    hull exhaust
    3" air intake with high flow air filter

    im not planning to do more mods
    so looking for impeller that will give me rpms around 8000 - 8200

    thank you sooo much for your help
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    anyone ?? im trying to order it today

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    Solas 15/20 ?

    is this the stock pitch ??
    or this pitch is going to give me lil better acceleration and top speed ??

    thank you

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    and what would be defference between 15/20 and 15/22 or 15/19 and 15/20 im trying to understand this pitch world

    thanks again

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    15/20 is what u need

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    i just want to be sure since i dont want to waist 300$

    whats the defference between 15/20 and 15/22 ?
    in other threads everyone is saying to get 15/22 ?

    im just trying to understand this impeller pitch

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    and When I'm in a dead stop and ill give it full throttle the engine will hit rev limiter for like 2 to 3 sec than it will pull the jetski

    again it is 2006 rxp with 2009 rxpx 255 engine and pump
    3" air intake
    hull exhaust

    thank you

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    and should i get 15/20R or 15/20 ??

    what is R series ?? its more expensive too

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