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    How to test fuel sending unit?

    I have no fuel pressure, the fuel sending unit has passed the ohlim spec defined by the service manual. However its still not pumping fuel, can 12v and a ground be applied directly to the two wires to determine if the pump functions at all?

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    Yes, you can check it that way. Are you getting 12v to the fuel pump?

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    What year and model is this?

    Carburetor or fuel injected engine?

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    If its the 2000 virage in your profile, its a carbed ski and the fuel pumps are located on the carbs. tank sender feeds the pumps and wires are for fuel level portion of the assembly, doesnt affect fuel delivery.

    If its a different ski, thats injected not carbed, or a later injected virage txi, if the pump is cycling when giving it direct voltage and no pressure, it could be the pressure regulator

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