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    Yamaha XL800 engine ran away on me...what happened???

    It began on the water when the throttle got sticky all of a sudden. I squeezed the thottle and it would not retract. For some reason the cable fell of the guide on the carb.
    Floated on the water for an hour fixing it.
    Hit everything cable related with PB blaster, no effect.
    Removed intake housing to inspect for obvious damage.
    The spring seemed weak and would not close the throttle back up. Gave up and went home.
    Hooked up the hose getting ready to flush it out.
    Started the Ski and the damn...thing...goes WIDE OPEN THROTTLE for no reason!
    I hit the shut down button, no effect. Engine is about to BLOW THE FUDGE UP!
    I turn the water on and shut off the fuel knob.
    Ski eventually runs out of fuel in the lines. ENGINE SAVED!

    Now the question is...WHAT THE HOLY HELL HAPPENED??? What did I touch? What caused what and what the hell can I do to save this little poor little ski?
    I've only owed it for a couple months and repainted it twice, lord knows what the last guy did to the motor.
    It's a premix now, that's all I know for sure. 50/1 mix.

    I know very little about 2 stroke anythings, but I dabble in the automotive realm from time to time. I don't know many PWC terms for parts so please dumb it down for me. Thanks.
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    I would disconnnect the throttle cables and make sure they are very easy to operate. Was the cable to the oil pump still connected?

    There is a problem with some carbs where the shaft gets sticky, especially when they are warm. There is a sticky here on how to deal with it, but it involves taking the carbs off and taking the shafts out and sanding them down. Pretty tricky trying to get the little screws out and replacing them, but it does the trick. If the throttle works while the ski is cool and now warm, this would be the issue.

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    it seems to stick even after a cool down. the throttle cable DOES retract, but very slowly. i've been looking at there doesn't seems to be an in depth instruction on how to remove the carbs for my model. the instructions usually say "remove carb" and then i see a picture of the carb on a table top. there's a big gap of information that i feel is missing. by looking at it, it seems easy...but if it seems easy, it usually means that i need to be cautious about "something".

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    If you disco the throttle cables, you should be able to tell if the carb mechanism springs back to idle quickly or not, and if there is any drag in the cable up to the control. If there is ANY drag in the cable, it's damaged and needs to be dealt with. Those cables are pretty short and should have no drag at all. Did you check it it was kinked or damaged at any point?

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    The cable was fine, and after about a day of rest the throttle was working fine again. Something is happening when it gets hot that's preventing the throttle to return to idle. Decided to turn it into a mechanic downt the street for a carb cleaning/repair. Thanks for your help though.

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    If a motor is running away like that, pull the choke to cut-off the air supply.

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    There's a whole thread in the 'how-to' section about sticky throttle shafts. The ski in question was a 1200, but these use the same carbs and could have the same issue. If someone is going to rebuild the carbs, make sure he reads through that note and checks the throttle shafts. You check them off the ski with a heat gun so you know if further disassembly is required.

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    Ill put this in this thread as well, it is already in mine just in case anyone runs into this issue in the future.
    The bushings tend to swell slightly when the engine gets to operating temp. causing the sticky throttle shaft. I did this mod successfully but it is not a first time mechanic DIY because it requires dissasembly of the entire throttle assembly on the carb and also has tiny butterfly screws that are a PITA!! to remove. Good luck Jeravelli, hope it all works out bro, but in the mean time your not missing much the water is still nasty and pinkish around our way.

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