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    VTS issues - 04 RXP

    I recently bought an 04 rxp, the only issue that I cant figure out so far is the VTS system.. When I try to trim it up or down, it will always go all the way to the top or bottom. It wont let me select intervals or the middle. Once in a while (rarely) when it does get to the middle after a few short moments it defaults to the top automatically? Thanks!

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    vts housing is shorting out. water got in most likely

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98gsxl951 View Post
    vts housing is shorting out. water got in most likely
    That's it, I took it apart and yes there was water in the motor, its looks corroded in some areas as well. Sounds like its still running though, Im going to take it off, clean it and see..... I checked the rubber boot in the back and its cracked so that looks to be the issue..... But now when I activate the motor up or down I don't see anything moving in the back? Is there something else going on? Thanks

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