Hi Guys,

First post in a long time now. I recently picked up a super clean 2005 sportster 150 SCIC. Last weekend I put an X-charger, 42 lb injectors, and a 4 in rear intake. The boat runs great, but has some cavitation from a dead stop and I am all over the rev limiter at anything over half throttle. I am topping out at about 50mph. I want to install a new impeller and wear ring, but after having researched the forums a bit I'm still confused on a good impeller choice. It seems the consensus is either a 14/19 or a 15/20. I'm concerned the 14/19 might not be enough for top end, and the 15/20 might take out bottom end power. What about a 13/20 instead? Any input would be greatly appreciated before I pull the trigger on a new impeller.